16 Feb 2015

Colours play a massive part of our lives and we are constantly affected by them throughout the day. They can uplift our mood when we are feeling down or relax us when we come back after stressful hours at the job. Every colour has its story and influence on our mood, so it is vital to pay attention to what shade is used when painting each room in your house. If you are planning to do the painting job by yourself then be prepared for a little research, but in case you are thinking about hiring a painting company then the problem will be alleviated to some degree by them. Painters are professionally trained in this niche. They do not simply change the colours of your walls, they can also come across as great consultants because they have thorough knowledge of the colour influences that people have liked in the past.


The Kitchen is one of the most frequently visited places in the house. It is crucial to pay attention to the colour of this room. White is always a safe choice as the kitchen will look clean and pure. The tones of red, orange and brown make it more interesting as red has been proven to increase the appetite. Green paint can also be an option when used in good combination with other colours. Extensive use of bright colours and busy patters would rather be avoided for the kitchen walls unless used carefully as feature walls.

Children’s Room

One of the brightest rooms in the house is definitely the kids’ room. It should scream life, fun and happiness. Besides traditional pink and blue colours there are plenty of other options for baby rooms. Some of the most accepted and positive colours include different shadows of purple, yellow, blue, vibrant orange and green. Choose the colour in coherence with the furniture and your child’s taste. You can even choose a more neutral colour and brighten up the room with different geometrical shapes, pretty drawings, etc.

Living Room

The living room is usually the first place you see when you enter the house. It is essential to choose the colour that will create the desired mood right after stepping in the house. The colours should not only be attractive but durable as well. Combining dark shades with lighter colours is usually a great idea for the living room. Pastel colours can be used to brighten up the room.

Choosing your favourite colours for your rooms is not always the correct approach to paint your house. Even if you are in love with specific colour it might come across as quite unpleasant once on the wall. In order to avoid such disappointment, take you time and consult with professional painters in your local area. They will usually advise you how to include your favourite colours in an attractive and tasteful way.

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