Let’s Paint Your Place has a team of reliable and experienced painters in Hastings that uses innovative techniques that has been tested and proven over time. We care about your satisfaction in the work that we do and if you want efficient professionals to paint your house or office, you will not regret trusting us. We deliver the best finish that will not just impress you but anyone else who view our finish product. Not only that, our paint jobs are known to last through time and wear. We can also work around your time to ensure that we cause as little distraction as possible to your schedule.

We offer a diverse set of services which not only gives your home or office a new splash of color but also to maintain its integrity. We can provide new designs not just to the exterior of your home but to its interior as well.

Our services include:

  •         Residential painting services
  •         Commercial painting services
  •         Interior painting projects
  •         Exterior painting projects
  •         Enamel coating
  •         Acrylic coating
  •         Protective coating
  •         Wood care timber stains
  •         Maintenance and repair services
  •         High pressure cleaning
  •         Decorative finishes
  •         Professional advice on all residential and commercial painting services

We understand that your home’s exterior and interior design is important to you. It tells a lot about you and your personality and the fact that we care about all these is why you should choose our painters in Hastings to carry out such important task. We provide you with high quality services that will enhance the outlook of your home and office. Your satisfaction is what we take pride of and it goes without saying that we will give our best in each project you have for us.

When you are in need of our special painting services, call us at 1300 453 877 and be part of our hundreds of satisfied customers all over the coast.