Mt Martha 7Painting your home is one of the easiest and most economical ways to make it more impressive and beautiful. Let’s Paint Your Place is here to bring you better design and colour that’s totally affordable and yet at the highest quality at the same time.

We are a team of professional painters in Red Hill that will breathe a fresh new look to your home as you look on and enjoy the whole process with us. Our hard working painters are highly trained, will do what needs done right the first time and ensure you get quality work that will last for quite a while.

We can be there to help you choose the right colour scheme and design that will be a nice fit to both your house and the furniture inside.

Services Offered

Painting your walls or entire house is one way to maintain its integrity and enhance its longevity. Having this done by experienced painters in Red Hill can truly save you some time and money down the road. Not only do our skilled workers offer some colour but we have a variety of other services as well that will help maintain your home and also assist in cutting down repairs. Overall you can benefit by hiring our services because it is from your satisfaction that we derive ours. Some of these services are:

  •         Commercial and residential painting services
  •         Interior and exterior painting services
  •         Airless spraying
  •         Dulux Aquanamel special finish
  •         Wood care timber stains and oils
  •         Mirror finishes
  •         Extensive preparation
  •         Decorative finishes
  •         Small plaster and rendering jobs
  •         Acrylic, enamel and protective coatings
  •         High pressure cleaning’
  •         Maintenance and repair services
  •         Expert advice on all domestic and commercial painting projects

Bring Colour Back to Your Life with Painters in Red Hill

Our number one priority will always be you of course and with this in mind, we will always aim to get you the nod of approval and satisfaction before we even consider the job is done. We know how important this painting project you have for us and we will always offer our best to give you that high quality result you have been dreaming about.

Call us at 1 300 453 877 when you need a team of professional and reliable painters in Red Hill.