Mt Martha 3There are a few guarantees in life and Let’s Paint Your Place is one of them. We assure you get absolute dedicated work from us that will satisfy even those with discriminating taste when it comes to house or office design. It is easy to understand how these places are vital to you, most people spent most of their waking hours either at the office or at home so we know how you want these two places to look just perfect. It for that reason we are around not just to provide you with the next paint job but to make sure you get quality top of the line work.

Competent Service

Expert painters in Rye provide a wide range of services than most as we not only offer a fresh new coat of colour to your house but other relevant services as well that have been devised in anticipation of our customer’s needs. Our team effort has produced services in relation to our main painting works which typically are residential painting, commercial painting, exterior and interior painting and aside from these we also have:

  •         Protective coating
  •         Enamel coating
  •         Acrylic coating
  •         High pressure cleaning
  •         Decorative finishes
  •         Maintenance
  •         Repair services
  •         Professional and tested recommendation on your residential and commercial painting needs
  •         Wood care timber stains and oil

These services are skilfully done by our experienced painters in Rye. We try to maintain consistent work on all our projects ensuring great quality results that is sure to bring satisfaction and contentment to our clients. Our expertise have been sought after as we not only do what is expected from us but we also provide valuable advice when it comes to what is best for your important home or office project. Once we have inspected the area our expert painter will be working on and have heard what you need done on the place, we also provide our own input and own recommendations.

We know and understand how essential these projects are for you and that’s why our goal is to provide satisfaction with excellent and dedicated service. Painters in Rye are committed professionals that take pride in their work and want quality above all.

When you are in need of remarkable painters that can and will anticipate your needs and get things done skilfully, then look no further. Contact us at 1300 453 877.