The perfect time for redecorating your bedroom is the moment when you start feeling tired or bored spending time in it. Your bedroom should be your personal haven, a place where you are inspired and feel at ease. Finding inspiration might seem difficult at first, but with these simple tips & tricks we’re here ready to offer, you’ll be ready to make decisions in a jiffy. Style, themes, colours, decoration and materials are the things you should consider before starting creating your dreamy sanctuary.

Find Your Personal Style and Theme

Your bedroom is the perfect place where you can reveal your personality and go a little off-center. It’s your intimate space, so feel free to design it so that it suits you best. Pieces of art, colour combinations and themes (stripes, patterns, shapes, etc.) are the things you should consider first, before making any other bigger changes. Adults usually don’t think that much about themes like kids do. However, a theme can truly be a good device for making this room relaxing, enjoyable and yet, funky enough to suit all your needs.

Freshen Up Those Walls

If you think your walls look shabby, a simple touch of new paint is all it takes to give your bedroom a complete new look. Try out shades of green, purple or blue if you want to achieve a soothing effect. You can always use various tones and textures so as to create a layered feeling in your bedroom. If you want to have a more casual room, go for denim painting. There are many textured painting ideas you can pick and choose from, before finding the one that will suit you best.


Another Great Decorating Idea for Your Walls

Decoration patterned wallpaper is a great choice if you want to add texture and brighten up the space. For instance, floral wallpaper can wrap you up in a romantic feeling, while patterned ones give more dynamics and inspiration. After consulting with the pros, many people also choose faux painting although it seems a tricky business at first. This option is an excellent way to create interesting surfaces, as it replicates the appearance of other materials. You can, for instance, create an old-fashioned vibe or a more modern one. It’s completely up to your taste.

Cheer the Space Up with Plants

Plants have a truly inspirational impact on space. They brighten it up, clear the air and bring peace and quiet. You can always go for old favourites, like palms and pot plants, as they are affordable, easily taken care of and last long.


Spice It Up with the Right Décor

In order to achieve a distinctive look, try out a printed bedspread. Pick your favourite pattern and your bedroom will instantly get a new look. During the day, wrap the bed in a colourful quilt over the frame, as it will add more character. And, don’t forget the pillows. Pillows play quite an important role when it comes to décor. Pile them up and don’t be afraid to mix different patterns and prints.

Your Sleep Is Your Priority

This should be your main mindset while thinking about how to remodel your bedroom. This is a place for writing, reading, creating art, sleeping and finding peace with oneself. Leave all the technological devices out, as these will just keep you up late and disturb the comfort you should have. In addition, you’ll have more space for the furniture and other elements you like. Don’t forget to choose a focal point in the room, either a bed or another piece of your favourite furniture.


Organize Your Space According to Its Size

First of all, consider what type and size of bed would be perfect for your bedroom. If the room is smaller, perhaps a good idea would be not to include too many pieces of furniture, but to pick a few that will truly stand out. A good quality bed, in this case, is a priority. Smaller bedroom means less space for your things, too. Consider investing in aluminium sliding doors for wardrobe, or the bedroom door, as they are of high quality and considerably save up space. In addition, adjustable lamps and nightstands affixed to walls are great options for smaller rooms.

So, if you think you’re ready to set off on a journey of your lifetime and create a bedroom of your dreams, go for it. It will take time, but, if you do everything according to your plan, the results will be amazing. Soon enough, you’ll have a bedroom just for yourself and your loved ones. And there’s no better motivation than that.


Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is a crafty girl and an architecture student from Sydney. She enjoys writing about inspiring interiors and home improvement projects. Lana is the editor-in-chief on Smooth Decorator.


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