Painting your home is a great way to revitalise your home, both inside and out. You may not have the proper equipment or the time to do the job yourself, so you are looking for a house painting contractor. Searching for house painting contractor online will produce a list of contractors to choose from, but how do you know which house painter is the right choice for you? These guidelines will help you to choose a house painting contractor.

1. Choose a licensed, professional painting contractor

You might run across a friend of a friend who does house painting jobs on the side but isn’t a licensed contractor. Typically an unlicensed painter will charge a smaller fee up front, but it might end up costing you in the end. The advantage to choosing a licensed professional is that this person will be bonded and insured, which guarantees that your job will be completed to your satisfaction.

A licensed painting contractor will also have insurance that covers the painters in the event that they are injured while working on your home. If you hire a painter who isn’t licensed, you run the risk that the painter could take your money without starting or finishing the job that you hired him for. There is also the chance that the painter could be injured on the job and hold you responsible for his medical expenses because he isn’t insured. It’s worth hiring a licensed contractor, even if it costs you a little more up front, to gain the security that comes along with licensing, insurance and bonding.

2. Always get an estimate in writing

The contractor that you hire should visit your home in person to examine and measure the areas to be painted. This is a good time to ask questions and solicit advice. You should also clarify your expectations for the job at this time. Discuss in detail with the painter items such as:

  • Number of coats of paint to be applied
  • How surfaces will be prepared – Sanding, bleaching, power washing, or caulking
  • Brand and colour of paint to be used
  • Areas to be painted – Walls, ceilings, trim
  • Date of completion
  • Payment schedule
  • Total cost
  • Expectations for cleanup after the job is complete

All of these details should be outlined in writing in the estimate and/or the contract that you sign agreeing to the painter’s services.

3. Ask for recommendations from friends and check references

A positive referral from a trusted friend is a good starting point for hiring a painting contractor. Ask the painter for references, too. In particular, you should ask the contractor for a reference from a job that was similar to yours, but performed a few years before. When you contact the reference, ask them how the paint finish has held up over time in addition to the neatness and quality of the coverage at the time of the job.

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