If you feel like you can do a lot more with your paint job at home, you can use more paint to spice up things a bit without going overboard. There are a lot of home decorating ideas that you can try to make your home even more quaint and alluring using paint. Apply it in areas where you feel there’s something lacking or something that can be improved on. These are things you can do on your own or with the help of a painting contractor. If you want to step up your game after our list of house painting ideas, try these other projects to make your house truly a home.


Paint checkered floors

If you feel like something is lacking in your home or if you don’t have a lot of budget to spruce up your home, painting a simple checkered design on your floors can do wonders. This is one of the home decorating ideas that will add a lot of energy to your space to make it look fresher and more inviting, and it can also help you express your personality. You can choose a pattern that will complement your home’s existing colours. If you have walls painted in cool hues, try beige and white checkered patterns. You can use light hues if you have warm wall colours.


Paint stair runners

If you find carpet runners limiting or inadequate for your home, why not try painting it on your stairs instead? Immaculate wood or ivory stairs can serve as a great canvas to execute some home decorating ideas, this being one of them. You can use cardboard to create the template for your pattern, draw them, tape them off, and paint them with latex floor enamel. Coat it with matte polyutherane for that rug-like effect and you can go up to your upper floors with attitude and in style.


Paint wainscot stripes

If you would rather use paint instead of wood furnishings to add dimension to your home, then painting stripes to act like wainscoting is one of the great home decorating ideas you can apply. In a room or area where there’s already wood trim, you can use a neutral colour for the base coat. Then choose a standout colour to pack some punch for your space. You can go for alternating thick and thin vertical stripes, or simple uniform vertical lines. Either way, the contrast and brightness will give your home a friendlier and more welcoming appearance.


Paint a colourful accent wall

Nothing can bring brightness and life into a room more than a cheery accent wall. This is among the go-to home decorating ideas that almost never fails homeowners. This can serve as a focal point but can also balance out the rest of the room. You can highlight a particular area in your home, such as the living room or the kitchen, by adding an accent wall that will match furnishings to give it a solid and tight vibe. Make sure other pieces of furniture, or just small details and items in the room will complement this wall to make your space even more inviting.


Paint using a leaf stamp

This is one of those DIY home decorating ideas that won’t cost a lot, especially if you already have paint in stock at home. Simply step out and find leaves that match your preference – short, fat ones or long, thin ones, it’s all up to you. Make sure the leaves are flat and supple so that they will be workable for the project. Apply a coat of metallic craft paint or any other paint colour using a small foam brush and transfer it onto the wall. Press it firmly to create the full effect. You can for random stamps or evenly arranged ones and they will look striking just the same.


Paint bold colour blocks

Much like the accent wall, creating faux wall panels using paint is one of those foolproof home decorating ideas that are easy to execute. You can create structure in any given space by painting wall panels that can also help you arrange and choose furnishings better. You can also paint these panels with creative stenciling to make it look even more visually interesting.


There are a lot of home decorating ideas that only uses paint, and this will save you time and resources if you simply wish to liven up your home. These ideas will help you create a more personalized space that allows you to express yourself freely. This will also give your loved ones and guests a glimpse of your interests. Whether you want to keep things bright and cheery or simply muted and relaxed, you can use paint to help you show your true colours, so to speak. Ask your painting contractor about your options today.


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