The idea of painting a home can be very exciting, but it also needs to be carefully decided on to make the most out of your time and resources. It’s best to have a few things in mind which you can consult with your painting contractor, so that you can all see what’s best for your home. Whether you want a simple repainting or add a bit more life to your home, there are a lot of house painting ideas that you can apply for this project. We’ve listed a few things about interior house paint colours, so here are a few more tips which should help you out with your paint job.


Pick a colour pairing

Choose hues that are neighbours in the colour wheel. For instance, if you pick a warm shade of green, you can pair it with a cool yellow shade. This combination almost never fails and works in any room of the house, even ones with wainscoting or trim, which can easily lend itself to this kind of treatment. If you want to stick to more traditional house painting ideas, you can pair up two bright colours. You can also decide on soft hues with a mix of either gray or brown if you want a more conservative look.


Add little details with some paint

If you’re not sure about committing to major house painting ideas, you can start off by painting two thin stripes on a wall in a bedroom to see if you like how it looks. If you decide that it fits, you can go and apply it to all the other walls in the room to create the full effect. If you don’t think a mural is a good idea, try painting on some object or item that will add a simple detail to the room. There are a lot of ways you can spruce up a room with paint, and it doesn’t have to be a full-on repainting or mural painting job.


Paint a chalkboard wall

Chalkboard paint is not new, but as of late, many people have been turning to it for creative house painting ideas. While it’s black and can seem off-putting at first, it can be balanced out by the rest of the room where you plan to paint it. Whether you’re painting a panel in your kitchen to list your groceries, a wall in your home office to serve as your planner or calendar, or a part of your bedroom to serve as some sort of creative outlet, chalkboard paint will allow you to achieve a distinguishably unique look for any corner of your home.


Enlarge small spaces with horizontal stripes

If you have a guest bathroom, den, or receiving area that’s a wee bit smaller than other areas of your home, painting them with horizontal stripes is one of the few house painting ideas you can apply to give them the illusion of spaciousness. Paint wide horizontal lines using two analogous hues to push out the walls of these areas. You can add accents like small black furnishings or even a mirror to make it seem even larger and also sophisticated.


Paint an oversized pattern on a wall

Think of this is as something like more personalized wallpaper. The idea is to start drawing something on paper and enlarging it on your wall. You can use chalk to sketch it and then paint over it for a dramatic effect. You can choose what kind of pattern will work best in the room you decide to do it on, be it flowers, leaves, swirls, or other shapes. This is among the house painting ideas that you can apply to one of your smallest rooms first before doing it in your living room or dining room.


Use stamps or stencils to make rooms more interesting

This is one of those classic house painting ideas that never fail to add visual interest to different areas of the home. After applying your base coat which will then serve as a backdrop, you can use a stamp or stencil to create a pattern that will be painted using a contrasting colour. You can even have two different patterns that will alternate and work with your base coat. This will add a dimension of fun in any room and definitely liven up the space wherever you decide to do it.


These are just a few house painting ideas that will surely make your home even more quaint and cozy. Choose a few that will best represent you and your family, check out a few more that you think may work, and consult with your painting contractor about which works best for different areas and what kind of paint to buy for these ideas. Most importantly, make sure you’ll want to live with these designs for a long time.


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