Today’s blog brings you another sample of what a professional roof restoration and a fresh coat of paint can do for a home. You may be interested to see the other types of renovation or restoration works we can do outside of roof restoration – this Langwarrin home saw some door fixing and concrete laying that created a completely-restored look that we are proud of. 

First, let’s take a quick look at what the Langwarrin home was like before our work began. Using our range of premium Dulux roof coatings, we restored and sprayed the Colourbond roof following our 6-step roof restoration process:

  1. We inspected the roof to understand the condition it was in and to provide a competitive quotation that also guarantees satisfaction.
  2. We installed safety equipment to ensure a good working environment for our tradesmen.
  3. Our team then got to work on the roof, replacing any rusted screws and checking all flashing and capping, we then thoroughly cleaned the gutters
  4. We then primed the roof and sealed it according to the quoted specifications.
  5. A finishing coat was applied to the roof for maximum protection and increased durability against the elements.
  6. We then did a final inspection and clean-up to make sure everything is perfect while keeping our working area cleaner than it was before.

Our talented exterior painting team then transformed and modernised the facade of the home to match the newly sprayed roof. Check out the result of our work below:

Notice that the garage doors and gutters are now the same blue as the new roof!

While we are painting and roof restoration specialists, our team are also experienced tradesmen who can assist with a wide variety of projects.

As part of our services at this property, we also replaced a few doors, and some window beading, and we also replaced the Laserlite roof on the back pergola. Our sister company FDM Concreting laid the exposed Aggregate driveway with new concrete, giving a freshly constructed look to the house.

In just a couple of days’ work, the Let’s Paint and FDM Concreting teams were able to completely transform the exterior of this home, much to the delight and satisfaction of our client.

Our team of multi-skilled tradesmen can coordinate with one another to complete multiple projects simultaneously for our clients, making us the one-stop service provider for:

  • Concrete driveways
  • Decking restoration
  • Roof restorations
  • Exterior and interior painting

The long-term experience of working with each other means that our tradesmen are able to complete the work quickly, efficiently, and without lengthy planning delays – some works are even done concurrently to reduce the impact the restoration has on your daily life!

Looking to restore your Langwarrin home to its youthful-looking glory? Call us now at 1300 453 877 or contact us for a free quote!

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