While we love painting your place, did you know Let’s Paint Your Place are also experts at restoring your old deck?!

Our team recently restored a worn old deck back to its glory days, making it the shimmering statement piece of the backyard, all to the ultimate satisfaction of this Seaford family.

Timber decking restoration is often overlooked in favour of completely replacing the deck, but it’s only natural that outdoor flooring in high traffic areas of the home will become worn and fade underfoot over time. But this doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars, hours of your time and completely disrupt the enjoyment of your backyard to replace your decking when with the right expertise and materials it can be easily transformed through a restoration.

Nothing beats the character and beauty of a well-cared-for deck!

Before & After

Here is what the deck looked like before and after the deck restoration (ignore the carpet off-cuts):

After our preparations, our Intergrain Accredited team of timber flooring specialists followed this process to get this deck looking incredible:

Step 1: We pressure washed the deck to ensure a clean environment that is ready for any applications of coating.

Step 2: We applied high-quality Timber Cleaner/Reviver which deep cleans the timber and brings back the natural colour of the wood. The reviver is allowed some time to sink in for maximum effect.

Step 3: We then pressure washed the deck a second time to remove any excess timber cleaner/reviver – this is an important step to ensure an even, beautiful finish in our final coating process.

Step 4: Once everything is ready, we applied three coats of Intergrain Ultra Deck Timber Oil on the natural spotted gum deck using a new Intergrain Formula, which as you can see from the result ends in a classic, beautifully coloured deck.

Just look at the difference our team’s efforts made to the deck and the area surrounding it:

So, if you are looking to restore your deck to its glory days, call us now at 1300 453 877 or contact us for a free quote!